Thursday, May 31, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day 37, Izmir Foodie Experience But Sadly No Pictures Yet

Since we arrived yesterday, food has been a central focus. We started off with a lovely return to our love affair with Turkish Kebap (grilled food) for our first dinner at our hotel. It continued with a great breakfast. Then we drove to the third largest city in Turkey, Izmir where we did a combined visit to the old town bazaar district and food tour. It was a very nice day. Pretty chill with some good experiences, food, and photo ops.

If we were concerned about being in an Islamic country during the month of Ramadan, our fears were totally misplaced at least as far as this part of the country. Think of this area on the Aegean as being California...very liberal and secular. There is very, very little evidence of the religious focus we saw say in Jordan.

I actually have quite a few pictures to show you but unfortunately the internet here is exceedingly slow AND I can't access it from our room. I have to go to a common area that is outside. It's going to take a couple of hours for me to upload the pictures. As it is already fairly late in the evening, I've decided that I am going to adopt another strategy for doing the posts. When I get back from our touring tomorrow, I will start uploading today's pictures as soon as I get back. That should work but I will be running a day behind. Hopefully my editor will not assess me a fine!

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alexis said...

now I'm even more curious to go see that part of the world.