Friday, June 1, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day 37, Izmir Foodie Experience Phots

Let's see if we can over come the Internet Beast!

On our arrival
Our boutique hotel host stops in the village to pick up fresh cherries and plums
This is a major fruit growing area
We ate at the hotel that night
There was a wonderful spread of mezzes
Mushroom, eggplant, carrot in yogurt, and greens
A vegetable soup
AND our first Kebap! (grilled meat)
In this case Kibbeh or meatballs
Our breakfast presented us with a similar spread 
Two kinds of butter, a tomato spread, various cheeses, four preserves made locally, a tomato and chile compote
There was also eggs and fried Turkish sausage

Then it was on to Izmir, third largest city in Turkey for a day in the market
After going through a square
 Our guide stopped at one of these carts that has a variety of baked goods that people eat on the go for breakfast or for a snack or light lunch

Then we wandered through the market keeping open to the photo opportunities

Complete with call to prayer
Breakfast (#2) is served
Our guide Isik
Next a pastry break
Put these semolina based sweets on the long list of Eastern Med sweets we're not fond of
How do you tell a coffee place?
By its colorful seating
Only the coffee places have this

You want Kebap?
Damn straight we want Kebap
One of the big reasons for visiting Turkey again

Seafood break
Mussels two ways

You know the fruit paper you bought for your kids?
This is the real deal - grape juice cooked long and slow until it could be put into solid form
No food tour is complete without guts
This is some kind of kebap of intestines
Not bad...wouldn't get it again

Basically a slow cooked milk pudding that is purposely slightly burnt on the bottom
Last but not least
One of those wonderful experiences we are always looking for
We were taken to this tiny shop where a man makes marzipan in a traditional method
Evidently his candies are sought out by people around the world
He was the most lovely person


alexis said...

one thing I wish we had here - more Turkish breakfast places near to our flat. There are some in Amsterdam but all far out west.

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

That looks like a lot of sweets for people who don't love sweets...