Saturday, June 9, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day 45 & 46, Hanging in Amsterdam

The decompression process is under way enjoying the familiarity Amsterdam and sharing life with the #3's

We are so NOT doing a ton of experiences here LOL. I was joking to one of #3's friends that I was looking forward to going back to work so I could recuperate from the travel. This trip in particular seems to have taken a lot out of us. As usual, I will do a 'navel gazing' post once we've gotten back and have a chance to look over all the posts.

On Friday, we did our regular visit to the Albert Cuyp market. We indulged in the four mandatory food groups that we eat EACH AND EVERY TIME we come to Amsterdam. Frites, Waffles (fresh made with three kinds of chocolate from Wally's Waffles), herring, and Donner that order. It is very important that it be in the proper order.

As #3 had a birthday just days before we arrived, we offered to make her a meal (a treat as she does all their cooking).  I did a rather complicated meal that took most of the afternoon to prepare. Wife made brownies from scratch with the grandchildren. #3 and I marveled at Wife's infinite patience allowing the girls to 'help'

The meal was greatly appreciated.

Today we paid the price for doing so much with both Wife and I totally dragging. We went to a Modern Art Museum that the grandchildren wanted us to see (they are in an arts related school and had visited it). We were flagging at the end. Both of us took long naps.

In the afternoon, 3# had arranged for me to a workshop for friends of hers that are trying to start their own businesses and get out of corporate life.  I think they got some good value from it and it was fun because they were very accomplished and focused women.

Delivery Pizza for Dinner!

One more day in the Low Countries and on back to Albuquerque on Monday.


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...
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Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

The waffles sound great but so do the naps.

alexis said...

it's nice that your visits are really settled into a regular cadence. We are long past the need to go and 'see something', we just can enjoy being with each other. I'm really grateful for that.

de-I said...

As am I Alexis. As am I