Thursday, June 7, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Aphrodisias/Pamukkale/Hieropolis Pictures

Day 38 and our agenda was going to two different sets of ruins
And yes by the time we are finished posting all the pictures from here in Western Anatolia you will be begging de-I...I mean BEGGING him to please, Please, PLEASE, PLEASE don't travel anywhere that has Greco-Roman ruins.
Our agenda today was the ancient cities of Aphrodisias and Hierapolis along with the travertine hot springs of Pamukkale

Getting to Aphrodisias required taking the Aphrodisias transit bus

If you are on a budget, you can grab a quick bite or drink before you go

Our guide and I had a long conversation while we were going through this city about its nature
It was known as one of the premier places for sculpture in the Roman Empire. Augustus had given it Imperial favor and it had a renowned school for sculptures for centuries. However, it should be noted that Augustus was the Emperor who bragged that he converted Rome from a city of brick to a city of marble. The thing that I noticed as we explored the city was the large volume of similar pieces, both for construction and for decoration. Rome was known for its engineering and its ability to create replicable process. So my contention was this was in fact a sculpture, stone work factory.

Here are a couple of sarcophagi. There were tons of them lying around
Need to bury someone of status? 
Tell us what from our long list of optional designs you would like on it

Then there was this long line of capitals...the tops for pillars
They are all the same size and of similar decoration
I could see some representatives of some Roman town coming to Aphrodisias 
"Hi we want to build a temple to honor so and so"
"Well what's your budget? Let us show you our fine selection of styles of columns, capitals, statues, etc."
That's my theory

The cult of Aphrodite was dominate and of course there was a temple
Study of business man in a rush taking in the ruins

Delving into the depths of the temple ruins

A theater you say?
You are wrong
An amphitheater

Monument to the cult of the Emperor

Inside the museum we see a variety of the types of figures that could be used when one contracted with the artisans of Aphrodisias

A favorite of mine
Nero's mother crowning him Emperor
Nero had his mother murdered about four years later

Meal time
Beet Salad
Fresh bread - the bread here has been uniformly yummy
Two kinds of Pide - Savory stuff cooked in side a bread dough

A stir fry of beef and vegetables
Go here!
Bread and Pide made to order
Food from scratch

Some views en route

Ordeal at the Terraces of Pamukkale
The whole area has been formed by hot springs which are bringing up calcium carbonate that is covering underlying strata resulting a series of terraces
The waters are supposed to be healing and people walk down to bathe in them
You are not allowed to wear just walk bare foot over the either 1) hard nobby foot hurting rocks ore 2) the smooth, slippery, water covered rocks
Our guides INSISTED Wife and I try this
You can imagine our excitement and joy

The great theater in Hieropolis
Because, darn it, we WILL see another theater

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