Tuesday, June 5, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day 42, Pergamum

It is our last day in Turkey and except for some family time in Amsterdam, the last day of this adventure.

We were back on the road for a long drive to the ancient city of Pergamum. Like so many of the ancient sites, it has the similar history starting way back when civilization began in Anatolia. But it really hit its stride in the post-Alexander the Great period and it continued through the Roman times. It features an Acropolis that is on a very high hill that was a bitch to drive to (glad I didn't have to do the driving). And it is the home of a rather amazing complex, the Ascelpion, which was a mammoth facility for medical practice. It had been in use for a long-time but was made famous by the renowned physician, Galen. What was interesting (as always with Roman stuff) is how similarly this facility looked and operated like a modern hospital.

The summer heat which is very hot here in the Mediterranean is starting to pick up. Today was in the low 90's. Wife and I were flagging. It is a good time to be ending the adventure.

I sooooo many pictures. Even if we had the internet to upload them, I haven't had the time to work on them. Hopefully I will start getting them posted after we get to Amsterdam.

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