Tuesday, June 12, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day 49, Actually Home

That interval day at the hub city...part of you wishes you had gone right home...but another part knows from experience now how much better you will adjust to the jet lag. So it was that we flew home the last leg from Chicago this morning. Sleep last night was pretty good. We almost made it to 10 PM Chicago time which was 5 in the morning Amsterdam time. We got in a good six hours of sleep before our time zone confused bodies got us up.

The last flight was uneventful. We were at the house by 1 PM. Immediately jumped into doing the laundry, sorting the mail and getting grocery shopping done. On top of that I had a business phone call at 4 PM. I was pretty wiped out by dinner time. But it is 8:30 in the evening as I write this and I am not falling asleep in my chair so that's pretty good.

Tomorrow is dedicated to getting my body back in form...acupuncture, a massage and my hair cut. Thursday is back into the swing of my work life.

This trip as all the previous has been so rich in experiences and learning. We keep growing and changing. I am reviewing my posts for the 'great navel gazing' post. I look back at what we did and it's hard to remember and realize you did it because so much has taken place.

Ruminations to come!

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