Saturday, January 20, 2018


At 12:01 this morning January 21 the official ban on travel talking will be lifted.

I SERIOUSLY considered setting the alarm clock, and waking up Wife with a whole set of travel discussion topics at exactly 12:01.

Well not SERIOUSLY. I don't have a death wish.

And we WILL have lots to discuss as we have our next big trip not that far on the horizon.


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Basking In Balance - A Transition Process Update

It is so very easy to fall into linear, event in I have reached this threshold, I have gone through this barrier. I am now at this stage, etc., etc., etc.

But our actual reality is a continuum. There are certain stops along the way - you get born, you die, you start school, jobs, graduate, get fired, have children, etc. And those are markers for sure but they don't mark the specific evolution of your being (except the being born and dying ones...I guess those are pretty finite markers). Our being - that sum total of what we can do and think about what we are doing moves on like a river. It might go faster like going over a drop or it might meander as when the river is on a plain. But it keeps going. So I shouldn't be surprised that what I have been calling 'transition' continues to evolve.

As I marked completing year 70 and the 3rd year of official semi-retirement, I noticed that there has been a decided attainment of a new balance. That balance is predicated on sufficient amounts of travel and work to keep me stimulated at the level I need to be stimulated. Let's review some of the theory I've developed on dealing with transitioning.

As we age, our overall energy capability (the amount of energy available at any moment in time and the ability to recharge that energy) diminishes. However while we are working, the amount of energy required to do our work tends to stay rather constant. So as we reach the end of our working life there is a gap between energy available and energy required to do work. This tends to lead to fatigue and frustration. It is what drives most people who like their work to eventually retire.

When we transition into the next phase, we are not devoid of energy. We still have energy and we have to find outlets for that energy. If we don't, we start to atrophy and we've all met the people who have nothing after their working days who are like that.

Finding outlets for that energy can uncover other restrictions such as the diminishing of other capabilities. For example, I loved hiking but the deterioration of my joints and muscles meant that was not going to be a realistic outlet for my energy. But I have discovered that I need a certain level of mental stimulation and challenge. Travel has been the primary activity that has satisfied that. However, for monetary and other reasons, there is only so much travel one can do even if you are doing a butt ton of travel. And up until recently, there was nothing here at home that gave the same stimulation. Work has evolved to fill that piece.

Originally I decided to keep working because I needed the money to fund the travel and I couldn't think of anything else that was crying out to me to fill the time. But as I've pruned away all kinds of work types I don't like, focused only on the things I really like and are easiest/most profitable to do and have gotten very disciplined about the amount of time and energy I put into work, I've found work to have become this very stimulating activity.

So now there is a very nice balance with the twin pillars of my active life being travel and work. I've gotten each of these to a point where I know how best to participate in them to give myself the maximum stimulation and enjoyment.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

January Posting Blues

I don't know what it is about January but it is not typically a month when I post a whole lot. Perhaps it is because after coming back from our fall trip I need a writing breather or that after the holidays it is about hunkering down to work (to make money for the next trip HA!). Any way, the muse of blog posts seems to have taken the time to go back to Bali and chill leaving me barren.

HOWEVER, there is one very bright spot on the horizon. January 21st. A very important day. It is the day that Wife's ban on discussing travel ends. On our return from our Italia adventure, she  requested two months of no talking about travel and no travel planning. I have respected that wish. But like all acts in nature there are consequences. If yo dam up a stream, the water builds up to a great volume. If you release it all at once, it is going to come up in a flood.

January 21 the dam holding back the torrent of travel planning in me will be released. Wife says she's going to head for higher ground.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Happy 44th

Yes, today is Wife and my 44th wedding anniversary. Shit, I think pushing 50 years of marriage makes one feel even older than turning 70. As befits who we are and our chosen lifestyle, we are celebrating by returning home by airplane from a visit to the #2 Family.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Best Of 2017

Wife has been going through a process of winnowing down her pictures from the year to come up with the few that will go into her 2017 slide show and the even fewer that may be of print up and frame quality (that will be probably no more than 5 out of thousands). She encouraged me to do the same. I've never done this before. I was interesting. There was a clear difference in the overall quality from the first trip of the year to the second trip clearly a result of the workshops we took. None of mine will be print quality as I take them in JPEG instead of raw which would capture much more information (and require much more adjustment with a higher level of editing than I am capable of).  But here are my selections for the slide show.