Friday, January 20, 2017

Sick :(

I was supposed to go to Los Angeles to day for business. But during the night I had horrible reflux. I thought it was because we drank and ate a bit more than usual (a friend had come over). But after having taken the usual stuff for it, I still had a horrible time sleeping.

I had to get up at 4:45 to catch my flight and was tired. But off the airport I went. I didn't feel like eating or drinking anything. I was sitting waiting for the line up to board and I'm feeling really not so great, cramps in my stomach. With about 5 minutes before boarding, I decided to pull the plug. I went up to the check in desk and let them know I won't be taking the flight. I start walking out and realize I am going to hurl. I made it to the men's room and proceeded to puke my guts out - check off one new travel experience, throwing up in the airport - and then drove home. It was still only 7 AM when I got back. Spent all morning just curled up on either a couch or on my bed, exhausted. Definitely feel a bit better this afternoon and this evening.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Shadow Boxing or Road Warrior Lite

I should have called it Road Warrior Rusty.

I'm doing some business travel this week seeing my clients in Chicago and LA. Getting out of Albuquerque on Monday morning was a bit of headache.

It was kind of like the great travel battles of yore between the Magical Unicorn Pony God of Travel and mighty Road Warrior de-I.  Accept it really wasn't. It was more like MUPGT seeing the old rival who's sort of become a respected friend say:

      "Hey de-I old man. You're looking good. Want do some light sparring for old times sake?"

I was taking a flight the connected through Denver and there was snow there which screwed up flights so my flight out of Albuquerque was going to be 3 hours late causing me to miss my connection and I had a dinner meeting to make. But a quick call to the United Premier Gold desk and they had me on a direct flight to Chicago that left at Noon and got me there in time for my dinner. I ended up going back home since I had 5 hours to kill. I had a little more excitement as the new flight was scheduled to be 30 minutes late but just as I was leaving home again, I got two updates that said No, we're actually leaving on time. But in the end there were no problems.

I really didn't have a tremendously difficult day on Tuesday - 3 meetings - but I was beat. I remembered how I would do weeks of this type of stuff each month 10 years ago. Clearly that is all in the past. I don't need or want to be the road warrior. Some one asked when commented on this trip, "but aren't you doing all kinds of travel still?" And the answer is yes, but it is for pleasure and there is a huge difference in traveling for pleasure and traveling for work. For one thing you don't have to work when you get wherever you go! And you are on your own schedule and don't have to worry about getting anywhere for anyone else. And you are basically having fun. So yes, it is definitely different.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Banned from cooking

Banned from buying wine


Our freezer is filled to the brim. When I got back from our last trip, I went on a cooking binge. I made pot roast, braised Malay beef, chicken fricassee, lasagna, pizza, stock...all of which filled our freezer to overflowing. Hence the auditing and accounting department said - NO. No More Cooking. Not until we eat what we already have


While we were in France, we bought wine, I had numerous cases ordered that arrived just before we left for our last trip. Every slot in my cellar is full. The command came down from auditing and accounting. NO No More Wine Purchases. Not until you drink what you already have.


I am eating...I am drinking...This is going to take a while.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sorry...Not Sad About 2016 And Looking Forward to 2017

My goodness there has been so much rending of garments and dousing one's self with ashes about the horror of 2016. You will forgive me if I say I think people have no perspective whatsoever.

Okay it was a pretty tumultuous year politically and the results weren't what many people hoped for...but you know, these kinds of ebbs and flows of political winds of change have happened all the time. I dare anyone to pull the editorial and opinion pages of newspapers and go back 10 year, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years. What you will read is DOOM...GLOOM...All we know is coming to an end. No one in the moment EVER thinks that their time is is always GOING TO HELL!

Let me tell you, I certainly know people who had illness and death in 2016. I know people who had setbacks. But by and large the vast majority of people I interact with had a pretty damn good year in 2016...certainly better than they had in 2008 and 2009. Personally it was GREAT year. My transition was complete and we just enjoyed living in our new life state. My kids had good years. Many of my clients had good years. Prospects for most of those who I touch personally are looking good.

And if everyone focused more on what is going on with those you actually touch and can affect rather than rant and ruminate on things they have no ability to affect at all, they would see that there is plenty to be thankful for, plenty that is good going on, and plenty to be doing to continue making it good for everyone.

Did we have a major volcano irruption wiping out whole cities? Did a plague hit us and wipe out a major portion of our population? Are we starving? Are we being systematically assassinated like those in Aleppo? I don't think so. Get perspective. Focus on those you actually touch and affect. See what you really have and you will see it is pretty damn good.

I'm planning ton having a great 2017 and I could give two hoots about whose doing what to whom in Washington. It isn't going to stop me.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Family Visit

As I mentioned in my last post, Wife and I have gotten quite used to not having family with us for holidays due to the great distance between our children and ourselves. So it was quite the surprise a number of weeks ago when Daughter #1 told us that they had expiring frequent flyer miles that had to be used this year. AND while they could use those miles to get somewhere, they wouldn't have the funds to actually stay and do anything. So they asked if they could come and visit us right after Christmas and through New Year's Day.

So we did have family this year! And it was great. We went up to Santa Fe and visited this crazy place called Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return...don't ask me to describe it. It's like some gigantic maze with more layers of things to find than you could imagine. Next we went to a big indoor game place that had ton of arcade type games, pool, bowling, laser tag, and a gravity course.Another day we went out and took the grandchildren shopping. This was followed in the evening by a visit to Albuquerque's big Christmas light show called the River of Lights. We spent a day cooking and eating. We played lots of board games.

I brought the #1's to the airport this morning at 5:00 AM. It was a delightful four days that we have so infrequently with our family members.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Resurrected

For the longest time there was no Christmas. My family is not Christian. There was no reason to have Christmas. When I married Wife, she brought to me the concept of:

 "What! No Christmas! Are you 'bleeping, bleeping, bleeping' out of your mind! 

Actually Wife would never use the term 'bleeping, bleeping, bleeping' or talk so demonstrably but displeasure was made know to me.

Hence started Christmas in my life. With the coming of kids, came the expansion of Christmas to a full ritual status. Then children started leaving the home. When they were in college, there would still be family coming back for the holiday. Then children started having careers and began moving far around the country and the world. Getting people back began to get harder and more expensive. Christmas began to be smaller. Then children started having children and the cost and ordeal of getting everyone here was even greater to the point where we all recognized it was not practical to have a big family Christmas.

Christmas for us entered its winter. There were years where we didn't do anything. But Wife in particular seemed to find that particularly oppressive. So a few years ago we decided that even it if was just the two of us, it was important to have some kind of ritual celebration. And so Christmas was resurrected. We have adjusted the old traditions to recognize the reality of just being the two of us. But we went back to buying each other presents which in many ways is comical since we pretty much buy whatever we want for ourselves whenever we want to.

We have a lovely couple of days planned out for the Eve and Day of. Hope you all have a lovely holiday too.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Health - WTF!

Over the last four or five months a number of things have happened that have led to my feeling better than I have for a long, long, long time.

The first has to do with a chronic post-nasal drip and sinus issue. It seems to have gone away. I got some significant relief a couple of years ago from the use of acupuncture. But this summer in response to the onset of asthma my doctor gave me a mild anti-allergy medication. The combination seems to have almost completely eliminated all those issues that caused me to be trying to clear my throat constantly, have stuff dripping down causing coughing and bunches of other stuff.

The second has to do with muscle pain. I used to have to get up during the night to take pain killers so I could sleep. I started taking turmeric about a year and half ago. That helped a lot. And then we got our memory foam mattress. That has seemed to help even more. For whatever reason, muscle pain as a detriment to sleep has seemed to disappear.

I also have more energy. I think a lot of that has to do with the success of my transitioned life that seems to be in almost perfect balance.

As in all things, I am exceedingly grateful and giving of thanks.