Sunday, June 17, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Cooking Class

Ha! Extra Bonus Post from Trip for loyal de-Intimdator readers

If you remember, I had a cooking class while we were in Turkey. This was more of a demonstration than a hands-on cooking class which in some ways was better as it allowed me to observe more closely how flavors were developed. This post is filled with action packed videos!

The meal consisted of 1 soup, 4 mezzes, one main and one dessert
The Chef
He actually smiled lots during this

Let's make soup!

The filling for the stuffed eggplant

Making the mezzes which were a salad of broad beans, a salad of purslane and mint, a puree of fava beans and a hot liver mezze
The master sauce is garlic pounded with salt mixed with olive oil and lemon juice
It went on all the salads

The liver mezze
The bean salad
And the bean puree

And the purslane/mint salad

On to the eggplant dish

Dinner is served


alexis said...

the house and food both look welcome and beautiful

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

How did they stuff the eggplants? It looks like they were roasted whole, and then slit open, stuffed, and cooked in sauce. Is that right?

de-I said...

That is correct RMG