Sunday, June 10, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Amsterdam Pictures

Wow. Mega Trip Spring 2018 is over but for the getting home. We leave tomorrow morning for the US. Will make our usual stop over in Chicago and be back home on Tuesday. It's been lovely just hanging out with the family and we had tons of quality time with 3.1 and 3.2, ate well, drank a lot and generally started to relax and get ready for the transition home.

Wife did an epic cooking stent with 3.1 and 3.2 that left the rest of us in awe
3.2 feasting on the batter
Some really fantastic brownies
It is always a treat to cook at sea level!
#3 taking in her Mother's handiwork for her birthday
Rare sighting and video of high speed internet deity 3A
It's funny how from visit to visit one grandchild or the other will end up seeming to have more of the good pictures. This time 3.1 was in a particularly photogenic frame of mind.

The Grandchildren wanted us to visit the Modern Art Museum they had visited
3.2 ready to start the tour
Honestly, modern art is really not my thing, but I did like this piece. Could see it in our house.
And this exhibit was very interesting
We enter
We observe

We discuss
3.1 now ready to provide a presentation
Wandering the streets and canals
We do this all the time...but for the last few years we've been here in the freaking cold weather
So nice to be doing this in good weather

 River and Canal favorite photographic mentor

People watching

People from Lisbon who wanted me to take a picture of them
And they reciprocated
Smiling from another adventure
Not showing we are exhausted and sooooo ready to go home LOL

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alexis said...

love the photos and we loved having you guys! We feel lucky we get to have you at the end of your trips, though hopefully after the next one you'll feel more physically fit.