Thursday, June 14, 2018

de-I, Transition Wizaard

I have to say that even I am impressed...and it is very hard for me to impress myself as the ego of the self impressing tends to get canceled out by the cynicism of the self observing. But the transitioning from our travel mode to our work mode as gone so smoothly this time as to have been barely noticeable.

We have continued to refine how we treat our trip back, getting more naps during the flight over the Atlantic and during our hotel stay in Chicago on day one of our trip back so we are almost already on a normal sleep schedule on the second day when we get to Albuquerque.

And the transition between travel guy and guy who still works was equally seamless.  I had a full business day scheduled today and it was like I never left. I explained it to one person today like this.

"There is no difference in my mind between working and traveling. It isn't like they are two separate activities. They are both just parts of what my new post-full time work life are. And I move between them effortlessly because they are just parts of a whole that give me fulfillment and contentment."


alexis said...

you've habitualized. Now you'll probably get bored and want to change something.

de-I said...

What a cynic Alexis...I have no idea where you get that trait from!