Monday, May 14, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day 20, Pictures from yesterday Part-2

Now we move on to Madaba and Karak. Trust me when I tell you that we are now going to take the art of mosaics to its highest level.

Saint George's Greek Orthodox Church
This church is renowned because of its mosaic map of the middle east. It is considered to be a first in the history of cartography. It was done in the Sixth Century.
A picture of the full map
Entering the church
Some overviews of the map itself

Some detail
Remember the Cardo, the main street of Roman towns?
You can see the representation right down the middle
The Jordan River entering the Dead Sea
Egypt and the Nile Delta
And now an exhibit of some of the best mosaic art you will ever see

I love the face on the Baby Jesus
So loving like a child in that rendition
And I love how this woman's two eyes are different
Show this woman as having a bit of heaviness on her neck...
...representations of real people
There were so many
This is just a small sample

These two are actually paintings

On to Karak Castle
Yet another Crusader castle built to hold the Holy Land only to fall ultimately to the Muslim.
Oh 3.1, this would have been a place for you!

Unlike some of the other sites we've seen, this one was not well marked and we got lost.
Wife spied this guide and we secured his assistance. That was a good move because we didn't know where we were and he took us to some places we would have missed.

And some street scenes as we were leaving Karak

By the way
We were in Petra today
And there are yet a ton more pictures to process

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