Monday, May 21, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day 27, Transition Day - On To Kalamata

Time to say goodbye to Athens and head for another part of Greece.

We left our lovely apartment and got a taxi - taxis in Athens have been very economical and a good means for us getting around, especially using the local taxi hailing app, TaxiBeat - to take us to the bus station. Kalamata is on the far south of the Peloponnese Peninsula. But there is a direct highway that goes there and an express, non-stop bus.

We got our tickets and the seats are assigned. As we were queuing up to get on board, Wife noticed that the tickets had the wrong date. She went back to the ticket agent who profusely apologized and gave us ones with the correct date.

The ride was uneventful except for an unscheduled stop. Evidently there is a toilet that is supposed to be operational on the bus but wasn't. So this one guy who needed to use it asked the driver whose solution was to pull of the road at a rest stop so he could go. Funny.

A quick cab ride got us to our rental. The owner is in real estate and owns four different properties in this area. They are exceedingly nicely done. We will enjoy our time in our place a lot.

We walked four blocks to a large supermarket and got what we needed for the week including some nice Greek yogurt (not rice pudding like I bought by accident in Athens), local feta cheese, local olive oil, and of course, Kalamata olives.

Despite the alphabet issue, we are finding in very easy to get around in Greece. There are many people who have some facility with English and there is no stigma seemingly attached, a lot of friendliness and helpfulness.

We have lined up an independent guide through TourHQ to take us around the peninsula for the next four days. Looking forward to some new experiences.

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alexis said...

rice pudding for breakfast counts as a new experience.