Friday, May 18, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day 24, Food Tour Day

A day totally devoted to food.

What could be better?

Almost anything if you were Wife. But she is a good sport and allows me to indulge in my passions a couple of times each trip (even if in her heart she knows she will like practically nothing that is going to be offered).

We were totally and completely exhausted by the wonderful photography workshop we had last night. We slept as late as we could and took a taxi to the meeting place for our Culinary Backstreets Tour. This is the third one we've done (the others being Istanbul and Tokyo). Compared to any other food tour we've experienced, this company provides the best value for the money - value defined as the amount, variety, and experience of the food, combined with the total cultural additional information.

Our guide was young man named Constantine and there was only one other person, an American from California, on the tour with us. The tour is billed as 5 hours but we went 7 hours. I took a complete photographic journal of the tour so I will be making a separate post on the food aspects of the tour.

Wife and I were noting that between the two tours we managed to cover almost all the major aspects of the downtown area of Athens. Good for us. We have one big item on our list here and that is going to the Acropolis. Getting to the Acropolis requires a rather major climb. Given how beat up and tired we've been feeling, we decided that tomorrow, Saturday, is going to be a rest day for us. There is a big local farmers market on the street our apartment is located. I plan on catching up on my photo blogging and cooking a nice dinner of stuff I know Wife likes with the local produce as a thank you for soldiering on today.

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