Wednesday, May 16, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day 22, On To Greece

Transit day today as we left Jordan. Our great driver, Ashraf, as always was prompt picking us up. I had one more Jordanian coffee on the way to the airport. Ashraf had picked me up a kilo of the stuff to take home with me. Wife has noted that the speed of my talking and my enthusiasm when talking picks up about 40% within minutes of starting to drink said

All aspects of leaving Amman, our flight to Athens, getting to our Airbnb in Athens were smooth. We both commented on how green everything looks compared to being in the desert of Jordan. And the familiar modernity of a European city, even if the alphabet is strange is comforting after the differences in the Middle East of both Israel and Jordan

The apartment itself is very nice. Having the room to stretch out and not be confined to a hotel room is a real pleasure.

Tomorrow we will start exploring the city.

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