Sunday, May 27, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day 33, Moving On To Thessaloniki

Kalispera! (Good Evening)

We're on the move again. This time we are in Greece's second largest city, Thessaloniki. It doesn't get anywhere near the tourist attention places like Athens and the Greek Islands get but it is deserving of much more as I will be showing you over the next two days.

It is a bit of a schlepp to get from Kalamata to Thessaloniki - no real way to go directly from one to the other. Our Airbnb host arranged a shared car that got us to the airport for only a bit more than it would have cost to take the bus to Athens and then a cab. And it saved us hours. Then we flew from Athens to Thessaloniki. A bit of chaos in getting checked in to the airline...a new one for us, Aegean with a self-check-in process that was totally thwarting us. They have two brands that fly the exact same planes and crews. But if you book on one, you have check in on it. Fortunately Wife played the, "we're poor pathetic tourist" card and had someone do the entire self check-in process for us. I love Wife, sigh💕

And I remembered that Aegean is a Star Alliance member so we got to use the club, got a free lunch and drink, got to board the plane first because of my status with United Airlines...I am so pathetic...I love all these perks.

Our new apartment is smack dab in the historical center of Thessaloniki. We have another photo tour/workshop at 9 AM tomorrow. So it will be back on the photo blogging train tomorrow night.

Hope you are having a nice Memorial Day weekend but remembering all the ones who have died, been wounded and served otherwise so we are in a position to enjoy the freedom and lifestyle we have!

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alexis said...

mmmm I am interested to see this off the beaten path city in a not off the beaten path country