Saturday, May 5, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day 11, Jerusalem On The Shabbat

Jerusalem as the center of holy life for Jews in Israel takes the Sabbath or Shabbat extremely seriously. All public transportation stops. Virtually everything is closed down. So it is kind of a nice time to wander out and look at things since there is almost no traffic and most people stay at home for family meals and time together.

Some Miscellaneous from Yesterday
City Market
This was our 'go to' place once we found it. Actually our Airbnb owner suggested it but it took us a while to get there. Although in the mall of a cinema, it had everything and at good prices. The guy at the checkout spoke great English and it was two blocks from the apartment.

Looking back at Cinema City
Home of our beloved City Market

No Quarter Pounder with Cheese for You!
We were really tired when we saw this or I would have gone in to check out the menu

We ate at the same mall as the City Market because we wanted to eat before everything closed for Shabbat. I have no idea what the name of this is.
It is mushroom caps filled with something, breaded and deep fried. The sauce is ???? Not really cheesy or yougut like. Not sure what it was but it was good.

Stunning Architecture
That is how our guide book described the Supreme Court building
Evidently that must be because of its interior (which was closed for Shabbat)
So I have had to make do with my own 'photo interpretation'

Since Israel does not have a constitution, the Supreme Court takes on a bigger role in political and legal system
The path to 'justice' is a function of your approach to justice
For those who are stalwart and true, the path is smooth
If you are one who skirts what is true and proper, your path will be sterner
And for those who scoff at the law, well your path will be the hardest
As we made our way around this immense building the image of 'justice' did not come to mind as much as the image of 'fortress'

The Nakhlaot Neighborhood
#3 and I had wandered through a neighborhood on our arrival day while trying to find a grocery store
I thought it would be nice to see what it looked like on Shabbat
Old City? No, although filled with small narrow streets this neighborhood is older but not on the scale of the Old City

To the Mahane Vehuda Market
This is the major market we've been going to for days
I wanted to see what it looked like during Shabbat
As we approached we began to see street art we really hadn't noticed before

If you remember the market from yesterday
Here is what it looked like today

Now it became apparent the sheer mass of the art work on the awnings that could only be seen when the shops were closed. As I looked at the pictures afterward, I found some were signed. Going on line I found out that this was actually a planned venture! The primary artist is a young British-Israeli graffiti artist by the name of Solomon Souza, though there were others involved in the project. Here is a YouTube of him doing one of his paintings. You can do a search and find much more about it if you are interested.

So for your viewing pleasure, here is a rather large but by now means complete sample of the artwork, led by Solomon Souza, on display at the Mahane Vehuda Market

And finally
Signs of the World
Don't think I've ever seen anything that describes watching a legislative body (the Knesset) as 'bird watching'


alexis said...

wow, those murals are indeed very lovely. Looks like you find a way to make the best out of the Sabbath.

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

It's an unusual opportunity to see a city both packed with people and devoid of them.