Wednesday, May 2, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day Eight, Jerusalem, The Christian Quarter

Another day, another Quarter of Jerusalem. Today the Christian Quarter. The Christian Quarter is notable two distinct things. First is for the holiest of holy, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This church is reputed to be built over the area where Christ was imprisoned, crucified, and buried. It is also home to one of Holy Land, which is the complete and utter devotion to the sale of merchandise to any and all visitors that happen to come through its portals. And as much as yesterday was full immersion therapy into all things Jewish and being surrounded by Jews, today was just as fully focused on Christians and all things Christian.

The signs are all there
This is going to be a day devoted to Christianity

Including the selling of all things to those who come to visit
We may be in the 'Christian' Quarter but this is still a city that was under Muslim control for 1500 years

On to our primary destination 
This history of the church is that Saint Helena, the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine found the true cross on this location and that the Emperor as part of his adopting Christianity as the state religion of Rome, then had the first church built here.
From the outside
Nothing particularly imposing

But it is massive inside with a number of different area

There are three areas that are particularly holy to Christians
The area where his body was supposed to have been put on the ground when it came off the cross
The place where the cross was to have been put in the ground

And the site of his burial

Over the millennia this church has been built and destroyed many times. In recent history (the last 150 years) it suffered through an earthquake and a fire.

In style it is primarily Eastern in influence. If you remember all the Byzantine and Orthodox related design elements from our trip to Italy last Fall, you will recognize the same here.
Mosaics of all kinds

A service going on
Avoiding our cursed nemesis
The tour group!
 Some object of veneration thought not sure what the significance is
And finally
Signs of the World

Our doom awaits us no matter where Wife and I travel

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