Thursday, May 17, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day 23, The Greek Adventure Begins

It is 10 PM and we just got back to our Airbnb apartment. Going to make this short.

After arriving yesterday uneventfully in Athens, we kind of slept in this morning. We'd started the laundry yesterday and continued today. Thankfully it is pretty dry here and things are drying quickly. I went to the local bakery for bread. We thoroughly enjoyed a familiar breakfast of bread, fruit, ham and cheese with lots of good butter.

Wife and I both have noticed our minds, bodies and spirits kind of relaxing as we have returned to the very comfortable and familiar patterns of a major European culture after three weeks in the definitely very different Middle East.

We were really dragging in the morning. Wife took a nap. Finally around 1 PM we decided to go out for lunch to a place that was highly recommended by our Airbnb host as well as the guy we are doing our photography tour with (see below).

Somehow just getting out of the apartment got our juices going. There street we are on has tons of photo ops. Lunch was great (details when I get around to posting photos). We had a photography workshop that started at 4 PM and we didn't really get our act together until almost 3:20. We thought it was a short walk to a Metro station but it turned out to be much longer. As I realized we were going to kill ourselves before we even got to the tour, I luckily was able to get a taxi. Taxi's are pretty reasonable here and it did not cost too much more than taking the Metro. We arrived on time and met Vassilis.

He was great. We went for 4 and half hours and learned a shitload. Wife in particular was extremely happy as she had been in a photographic funk and Vassilis got her fired up and motivated again. I think he would have kept going all night if we hadn't given out. For tomorrow we have a Culinary Backstreets food tour that starts at 9:30 AM.

Note on photos. They will come when they come. We have tons and the internet at the rental is pretty slow.

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alexis said...

sounds like you guys were just adjusting to Southern European rhythms. They all work later in the day anyways, don't they?