Monday, May 14, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day 20, Pictures from yesterday Part-1

As I mentioned yesterday, we headed out and started driving south from Amman with a first stop of Mount Nebo. Mount Nebo is noted in the bible as the mountain from which Moses viewed the Promise Land. For we of the tourist ilk, it is part of the Madaba area that is known for mosaics even to this day. The present church is brand new. I forget the whole story but the current mosaics at the church were discovered in the 20th century I believe. The current church was renovated starting in 2007 and completed in 2016

Quality of Mosaics

Do you remember my critique of the mosaics at Bet Alpha?
Go back and look at them here and compare them to these and the ones in the next post about Madaba and you will understand what I'm saying.

So let's go to Mount Nebo
Looking down toward the Dead Sea and Israel
Argh Tours!
But because of its religious significance you have people here from all over the world
The Jordanians have the coffee cups

Overview of the church to see the artwork in context

On to the artwork!

After Mount Nebo we went to a craft shop that was making replicas...really damn good replicas
It is a coop and is run for the benefit of the workers most of whom have disabilities or issues of some kind

I've wanted to do something in mosaic ever since Wife and I were first married
So we decided to actually get one
This the lovely crafts person who made it

And while we were doing all the driving around during the day, I decided that I would take some general pictures from the car to just give you a taste of Jordan outside of its major city, Amman

Our driver's car...Had to take note of the connection with Amsterdam
He had never noticed it before

And lastly

The upper line
"Do not yell at people who are smoking and using their cell phones"
The lower line
"Do not shoot scantly clad people"


alexis said...

Rob randomly shouted to me last night: your parents bought a table. We assume it's getting shipped and we don't have to schlep it up our stairs when you come through here.

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Can I yell at scantily clad people using cell phones?