Monday, May 21, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Athens Apartment Pictures

One of the things we have found makes or breaks how we feel about a place we are visiting is the quality of the accommodations we are staying at. When they are good, they lift our spirits and give a positive spin to everything. This is especially true on these long trips. It is always better when we are making use of apartments and houses. The ones in Israel were decidedly less than what we hoped except the one in Jerusalem (but it had its issues). However our apartment in Athens was super fine. When the apartment/house owners make the place so it is attractive, so the furniture and beds are comfortable, it makes the time you are just chilling their and positive experience unto itself.

A Nation of Patios
We were on the 6th floor of our building and we enjoyed the two patios we had front and back of the building
I've posted pictures of the view previously
But this is a country that evidently loves the ability to have some access to the outdoors even if you are in an apartment.
These are looking in both directions from both the front and the back of our apartment.

I thought it was just a phenomena of our area of Athens but when we took the taxi to our bus to come to Kalamata, I confirmed they were all over the city. On the bus as we drove through other towns, we saw more and here in Kalamata there is the same.

I took this just because I liked the patterns

Wife work HQ
She is always happy when she can find a place to 'set up shop'
This was a very comfortable room
See the flooring to the left?
Real stone
True all through the apartment
Our photo guide told us that marble is so prevalent in Greece that its price is very low


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

I think patios are a real asset to an apartment, although I hardly ever see them being used in the US.

alexis said...

ditto in Amsterdam but people don't use them because mostly the weather doesn't accommodate it.