Monday, May 21, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Acropolis Photos

Let's get to the serious business of posting tons of pictures. These are from our Sunday visit to the Acropolis.

Photographic Commander-in-Chief Wife prepares to lead the assault on A-List site Acropolis
"Okay Major, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Private de-I
(I fill all roles below Photographic Commander-in-Chief)
Do we have a plant?"
"Ah, well done.
It is always important to have a way in and a way out."

"Now, prepare the shock troops to clear our way so all are pictures are clean shots."

"You're kidding me Major, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Private!
ANOTHER Theater?"
As the Acropolis is up on a hill it offers views of the city
The harbor near Pireaus
Down in the old part of the city
Our neighborhood is between that hill and the Acropolis
Views of places we were on our photo tour
The Olympic Stadium
The Temple of Zeus

And on to the Acropolis 
An overview
"Hello, I am your blogger de-Intimdator to show you around lots of old stuff"
Old stuff
Not old stuff
Old stuff again

Like geologically type old stuff
Back to just old stuff

Attempts to use photographic workshop teachings with old stuff

We leave the Acropolis just as the hordes of tourists come, just a so many waves of barbarian invaders assaulted Greece in the past

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