Saturday, May 12, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day 18, Jerash-Best Roman Ruins EVER!

You know de-I has seen his fair share of Roman ruins. But with the exception of Rome itself, I don't think there's anyplace we've been that matches Jerash, Jordan. As with most of the areas that became metropolis in this part of the world, there is the long history that led to the Roman growth spurt, the conversion to the Byzantine civilization, the conquest by Islam and then the devastating earthquakes of 749 AD. So without further ado, let's explore Jerash.

We will be entering on the south which is to the left on this representation
After passing through the entrance plaza, we will turn not quite 90 degrees and get on the Cardo, the main street. We will then go back along the backside of the city.

"Welcome to Jordan!"
You can tell I'm Jordanian because of the ubiquitous cup of coffee I am carrying just like virtually every other male and female in the morning."
We are joined of course by our beloved fellow travelers from the tour bus route
People come here from all over the world because it truly is one of the great ancient sites
We all make our way to this spectacular city

In we go through Hadrian's gate
(Pretty darn sure this had to do with the Emperor Hadrian)

We then make our way to the Southern Gate where we are greeted by the site of the Temple of Zeus
Right after this we enter the great open plaza

To the west of the plaza is the Southern Theater, one of two in the city
We pass the oldest of the many Byzantine churches
This one dates based on the inscription on the mosaic floor to the 5th century
Then we make our way along the Cardo with its roadway for vehicles and side areas for walking along which both civic buildings and commercial/workshops were located

Along the way there is a massive church from the 6th century that American archaeologists called the 'cathedral' in 1929
And then the Nymphaeum 
A combination fountain water display and integral part of the water supply system
We can see where the Cardo intersects with another major road
Reaching the northern part of town there are more triumphal arches

There are the areas built by the Umayyids 
And reach the northern theater

Above the city we find the Sanctuary of Artemis
At this level there is yet another monumental church
As we then make our way back to the beginning

A young child brought her family/friends to us for an impromptu intercultural exchange
She was a pistol and wanted both Wife and I to take pictures of her
While her family looked on bemused
But this in turn led to an interaction between the women and Wife

And taking pictures of Chinese tourists after they asked for me to take their picture
(My two phrases of Mandarin were a big hit)

On searching for and finding the One True Photographer

One cannot have ruins and not have goats
Goat herders have certainly gotten better looking
Yup! Pays to be a goat
Unclassified pictures of ruins

Grilled meat with a ton of side dishes and some kick butt bread
We were to go to a Crusader castle after Jerash but I was down on European style fortress ruins and opted for going to:
The former King Hussein was a great lover cars and was an airplane pilot
This is a mere fraction of the vehicles in the museum

Not to mention photographers
We had hoped to finish our day by seeing the new King Hussein Mosque but were not allowed in :(


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

I always thought that if I traveled with you I would be safe from the never ending car museums that both my father and late husband dragged me to. Now it appears there is no safe haven for me....

de-I said...

It was that RM or ANOTHER Crusader fortress. I have the Crusaders...nasty folks.

Rob said...

I will research shawarma and falafel restaurants we can take you to in Amsterdam, so you won't feel you're missing out :P

Rob said...

By the way, the link to Gloria's blog from your blog is broken - you need to add the ":" after "http" to fix it.

alexis said...

Jordan really looks spectacular. And the weather seems like it's been amazing.