Friday, August 24, 2007

Where in The World is Carmen de-Intimdator - Part 2

In Albuquerque – Ha, No!

Still in Chicago – Ha, No!

Try Denver.

The rescheduled morning flight from Chicago to Albuquerque was canceled this morning as well. Fortunately, as I was reading the morning blogs in the Red Carpet Club (I love you man!) I was also tracking my flight status and picked it up early enough to take remedial action.

As it was early still in the morning, the line for assistance was very short. I found they had rebooked me on the 5:15 direct flight. NO WAY. No way I was going to stick around Chicago trying to get an afternoon flight when more bad weather was predicted. So I got on standby for a flight to Denver. Just get me out of this bad weather pattern. I had the good fortune to get a seat immediately and even a window in the exit row. The plane is filled with other refugees whose stories made mine pale.

Supposedly there is lots of space on the various Denver to Albuquerque flights. We shall see.

Post-Script – Yes got on flight to Albuquerque. In fact made an earlier flight and still had a good seat. Ha!


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Outstanding!! Good call on getting the hell out of Chicago. Our weather has been nutz.

Louise said...

Glad you got out of Chicago! Denver and then to Albuqerque...hope you can rest this weekend at home....I'm sure C will be glad to see you!!!!

Agent W. and G. Derf send their regards!