Friday, August 17, 2007

Week Two of Eight - Checking in from the O-I

The Wife and I got to O-I's without problem on Thursday night. O-I is just dealing with the loss of his great friend, companion and guide dog, Wonder Dog, who as I mentioned a week ago lost his battle with cancer. This is the third such loss my Dad has had (including my Mom and a good family friend) over a relatively short time. I think that he had decided that the battles using chemotherapy are more draining than just letting the disease take its course.

Any way, it is good to be here and be of some support and companionship. It is kind of amazing as we go around town to the various stores and restaurants that O-I frequents how many people have noted Uzef's much a personality he was.

O-I has decided to let nature take his course in terms of getting a new guide dog. He's going to go through the application process but is not going to do anything extraordinary to make it happen.

You can always tell when someone rates in the O-I hierarchy. Mrs. de-I was offered some super high end vodka, Belvedere, that I've been told was off limits. I did get one drink. It was goooood. We went to dinner tonight to a local Italian place, Nulli's that was great. Nothing fancy but some very fine cooking. I had a polenta with a tomato, sausage sauce that was killer, a great balance of meat and tomato without the tomato overpowering everything.

In all I think O-I is taking things as well as one could hope.


alexis said...

I'm glad to hear he's doing well as can be expected.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to read that your father is doing ok and that Mrs d-I got to enjoy the Belvedere!

Our trip to see the family was wonderful! Amy has been a life saver lately in caring for was a nice family reunion.

take care!
Agent W