Sunday, August 12, 2007

Week Two of Eight - Coast to Coast

This week we're (we use the Royal we in de-I-ia) in LA and Connecticut. I've flown out to LA today to spend time with the Pulisha clan before spending two and a half days in various business development pursuits including a talk to the Financial Planning Association of Los Angeles which is actually quite a bit of luck.

I have arrived at the Pulishas just after they sent back Tim de Buffalo's 2 children from his prior marriage after six weeks of managing 5 children under the age of 8 with one new born...and if that sounds like chaos to you, it is. Both the Venerable Pu and Tim were a bit like war refugees as the picture below can attest. I took them both out to eat where we had a reasonable meal with a nice Spanish wine, a Vina Salceda 2001 Rioja Reserva (back in the wine chose grove)

Pearls Of Wisdom from Venerable Pu and Tim de Buffalo

Pu the Emotional Sherpa - On why Tim was attracted to Pu in Japan - "There was lots of young eye candy but with my baggage I needed some one who could sustain it.

Pu, the Effect of LA on One's Body Image, and Wanting to be a 'Serious' Woman - "I want to be 'eye candy'...just nutritious."

My Take on The Pu de Buffalo's (G2) - C who is 8, J who is 2 and A who is 10 weeks

The Blond Terror
The Red Terror
TheTiny Terror

Security Cam Photo's of the Red Terror


alexis said...

I didn't realize she was feeling that pressure living in LA, tho I suppose it is inevitable. She looks great in the picture to me! Both of them, considering.

stef said...

That is one gorgeous little terror.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I think it's tough being a chick in LA, especially a mom with a gaggle of kids. When I was there for a few days, all you saw was gorgeous women. Even the female bums were hot. Why am I living single in boyztown in chicago? I have no freakin' idea.