Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Change One Appointment - Add 100 Miles

Yesterday was one of those busy days I typically schedule for myself when on the road in the name of productivity. (I'd bitch about my boss here except that as the owner that would only reinforce my monomaniacal multiple personality disorder). I can't even map this but if you're ambitious and go to Google Maps you can track this.

7 AM go from Pulisha in Redondo Beach CA to Carson for breakfast.
9 AM booby on up to Century City for two meetings including lunch
1:30 PM keep moving north and west to Woodland Hills for meeting. At this point things have been logical and in the ultimate direction of where I'm staying for the night in Thousand Oaks. But one of my clients changed a dinner meeting from Tue to Monday which now requires.
3:30 PM reverse directions and go meeting in Van Nuys
5:00 PM go south and east to Whittier for Dinner meeting
8:45 PM go back north and west to Thousand Oaks

Total for the day approximately 162 miles.


alexis said...

holy crap! Hope you get to relax a bit in CT. :)

stef said...

whew! I'm exhausted just reading it.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I love the word "monomaniacal". Ha!