Monday, August 27, 2007

Few More C-isms for the Road

Wife and I put C on the plane Sunday afternoon to fly back to Pu-land. C was especially sweet and cuddly the final hour as we were waiting for her to board the plane. If you've read Pu's blog, you will know that quotations from Chairwoman C are always a source wonderment. Even with her short time here in ABQ, we were treated to a few.

C on her Future:

Wife - So C do you think you will ever have children?
C - It's possible. I'm a woman.

C on Trying Her Best

Wife has taken C to Walgreens to pick up something for her to do on the trip back and unfortunately goes by the candy isle.

C - Oh I love these
Wife - No
C - Wow, look at the color of these. They must be sooo good.
Wife - No
C - My Mom thinks these are the best. Can we have some?
Wife - No
(this goes on for just about every candy in the section)
Wife - (the last) No
C - (after a pause) Well at least I tried

C on Her Prowess as a Berry Picture

C - The berries are going to miss me when I leave.
Wife - Why
C- Because when I pick them I'm very gentle
C in Berry Lane Picking Very Gently


alexis said...

wow she looks just like carolyn fort in some of those shots. I can't wait to spend some time with eventually.

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

That is the best answer ever to the "Are you going to have children" question, which I am definitely going to have to steal.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Cute kid. "It's possible, I'm a man." works for me too!!

stef said...

hee hee. loves it.

Bernice said...

I'm paying close attention to your grandchildren experiences. I need all the preparation I can get.