Thursday, August 9, 2007

In the Spirit of A - I Rant, Therefore I Am

4:30 PM - Finish meeting at airport and go to security for 6:10 flight
4:35 PM - Just taking off my shoes and look up at flight status board - 6:10 flight is canceled
4:40 PM - In line at ticket counter. Get sent to another airline
4:50-5:15 PM - Wait in line, get to counter and get my new ticket but not a boarding pass for flight that will leave at 7:35 PM but because it is non-stop will not get me in much later.
5:25 PM - Go to security. I'm now a 'dangerous passenger' because of my paper records issued today and must be security screened.
5:50 PM - Get in line to get boarding pass for 7:35 flight
6:15 PM - Finally finish the two people ahead of me and give me my boarding pass
6:50 PM - After making some calls and working on my computer, check status of 7:35 flight. find it is scheduled to leave at 9:55 PM.
7:22 PM - Decide to make this post


alexis said...

Ugh!!! I hate flying. :( Was it at least a nice airport where you could get a drink?

stef said...

Oi! I always enjoy hearing your stories of air travel nightmares.

Tim said...

Ouch...When at airports, drink heavily and expect the worst! I am not looking forward to flying on Saturday.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Son of a b@#$@!!! I hate that kind of shit more than just about anything. I get worked up just thinking about someone else going through it. Worse is probably sitting on the tarmac for 2 hours, but this is bad too. Ugh.

Michael Podolny said...

As a matter of record, the flight actually left at 10:20 which got me in to my hotel in Walnut Creek, CA at 12:30 CA time.

Alexis/Tim - I'm afraid I don't drink much in these situations. Since most of the time I have to drive when I finally get to my destination and I know I'm already going to be exhausted, it never seems to be a good idea.

Alexis - Actually my new mantra for these things is, "Man this sucks...but hey, it's not as bad as when Alexis got stuck in Denver for three days!"