Friday, October 27, 2017

Italia 2017 - Umbria Rental

When ever we travel if we are close to a region where our far flung children are living, we try to arrange time to be with them. During the period we are traveling in Italy, Daughter #3's children had a week off from school. So it made sense for us to arrange a rental where we could all get together. This is a common M.O. for us. And anyone who is a frequent reader of the blog know it is ALMOST MANDATORY that these rentals 1) be way out in the middle of nowhere, 2) be a bitch to find and 3) requires some kind of death defying driving to get to and from.

I can happily report that our rental successfully fulfilled the first two requirements but we kind of fell off the bandwagon on the third and with the road not really evoking any true terror (though granddaughter 3.2 loved the fact that much of it was gravel road and very bumpy). Like many of these rental houses it had all kinds of quirks such as having to go outside the living areas to get to the bedrooms. But it was very beautiful, had plenty of space for all of us, and great grounds for the kids to run around.

Official arrival at the rental with Aperol Spritz
Official introduction into narrative of Granddaughters 3.1 and 3.2
Nothing solidifies the bounds of sisterly love more than sharing iPad time
Our humble abode

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alexis said...

the house owners should pay you for those photos