Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Italia 2017 - From Albuquerque to Bologna

To bad I'm not a country music fan...I could have the son "On the Road Again" play with each of my travel blog posts. I report to you now from the historical, academic, and foodie city of Bologna, Italy, our first stop in our 2017 Italy tour.

Our flight over was completely uneventful. Each flight was on time. No bad weather. Easy access once we got here. We were experiencing United Airlines new branded Polaris Business Class. I give it very mixed reviews. The food is definitely a big improvement. They have a special Polaris lounge (we were at Chicago O'Hare) but it was so packed and noisy we could not even find a seat. We ended up just leaving and going to the departure gate that was less crowded and quieter. The seats were the same business class seats but they were packed in even tighter so there was less feeling of privacy between units. So not terribly impresses.

Wife and I both noted that after Asia and with the number of times we've been in Italy, there is very little adjustment needed to get into the swing of things. Our AirBnb is located on a quiet road outside of the main tourist area but with very easy access. There were not problems with getting to it or linking up with the owner.  We immediately set out and just started getting a feel for the city.


The door to our pad and the immediate neighborhood

Gates in the old town wall
We're taking some tours so I'm sure we will find out what some of these things are -

A panorama of the Piazza Maggiore

Practicing my paparazzi technique

And some reflection shots Wife pointed out


Agent W and the Derf said...

Glad you had great flights & getting off to a good start in Bologna. Nice pictures!! Love the door to your place in Bologna!

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

You are certainly putting those photography lessons to good use! As a dyed-in-the wool-academic, I look forward to hearing any academic lore that you learn about Bologna.

alexis said...

uneventful, exactly what we like in flights. Glad to hear you're adjusting well!