Sunday, October 22, 2017

Italia 2017 - Siena Sunset

The pictures keep rolling out. We are now in a rental house in the hills of Umbria near the town of Citta di Castello (I know you know where that's at!) where daughter #3, 3A, 3.1 and 3.2 have joined us. Daughter and Son-in-law are both beat from work so we've mostly been hanging out at the house the first couple of days. That is giving me time to get caught on my picture posting. So without further ado we will move on to Siena.

We were in Siena briefly in 2010 but it was overrun with tourists and I was quite put off. But it clearly was a very visually attractive town. So we decided to come there and spend a couple of nights to catch the town when the bus tours were not there during the early morning and evening. We arrived at our B&B after the bus trip from Firenze with only the usual dragging of bags over old city streets. Not the worse navigating challenge we've had. It was close to 5 PM so we decided to get out right away to take pictures.

Siena has a huge public square called the Campo. It is renowned for the two horse races between neighborhoods that are run each year.. We'd hoped to be able to get to get some good pictures with the evening light. But as is so often the case in cities, the size of buildings does not always cooperate in terms of shading and catching the light. Nonetheless, I was pretty taken by the play of the shadows and bright lights.

Play of light and shadow on the Campo


And elsewhere in Siena


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

I know the bright sunlight isn't great for photos but that blue sky is stunning. It's great to see you practicing all your photography skills.

alexis said...

very lovely, sometime we will have to get there.

Dad said...

Well worth the effort to go there some time. A weekend would be sufficient.