Saturday, October 21, 2017

Italia 2017 - Uffizi Madness

Firenze is renowned for its art. Here was one of the major centers of the Italian Renaissance and the amount of painting, sculpture, frescos, etc. that were produced here is mind boggling.  So it is impossible to contemplate coming here and not going to the single most renowned art gallery here, the Uffizi Palace. Once the home to the Medici's, it now houses not only that family's treasure trove of art but many other pieces as well.

Wife and I had been recommended to a tour company called Context Tours by a couple we met on a tour in Japan in the spring. So our tour was just six people and was very intimate. As part of a tour, you didin't have wait in nearly as long a line. Our guide was very knowledgeable which helped me a lot as I don't have a particularly good appreciation of painting. Just suffice to say that the guide helped me looked at these paintings in a different perspective which along with some of the lessons I got during the photo workshop the day before, increased my enjoyment.

I will say as well, that seeing so many of these famous paintings in person is a very different experience that seeing a picture of them. Yet here I go doing exactly that and give you a bunch of pictures.

Welcome to the madness that is going to a super popular museum
Thankfully no Chinese amoeba tour groups to consume you!
You first need to remember that this was built as a palace
There was a walkway to connect it with another palace on the other side of the river
And of course views through out the city

But let's get to the main event, the art
Here is a bunch of stuff that caught my eye without any attribution because I barely had time to take pictures let alone write down who were the artists.


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