Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Italia 2017 - Siena Super Posts 2 of 3

Bigger than Big. Larger than Large. More Massive than Massive. More Spectacular than Spectacular. The Siena Super Posts continue with more Renaissance Art than you have imagined during your worst inebriated induced set of dreams.

In all seriousness, I, who have never been particularly into painting as an art form, have found a new set of eyes thanks to the two Uffizi gallery and photo tour we took in Firenze. And to come to the Duomo in Siena and see so much was like putting a kid in a candy store.

An overview of the Duomo interior

The Floor Art
Excuse me, but does anyone else find this figure a bit odd for a Cathedral?
Other floor art detail

Other kinds of detail

Over view of the Library
The Duomo Library is a major work with a series of paintings representing the life of Pope Pius II, the favorite son of Siena and done by Donatello and one other.

On to the paintings
Wife and I have been in a lot of churches and seen a lot of mediocre painting.
The work here just oozed with energy, emotion and detail
However one thing I noted was the consistent theme of a few characters who seemed out of touch with the theme of the overall painting. I contacted my Renaissance art experts at the Kalamazoo Art Institute in Amsterdam Exile who said, "You need to remember that these works took years to complete. You have to consider that the artist as they were getting done were probably pretty bored and looking to throw something in to amuse themselves. They also would throw in people they knew, or self-portraits, mistresses, etc."
So I've focused on the works, those little outtakes, along with other pieces of detail tha that caught my eye.

Gotta love the bored look on these guys faces
Personally I think this is his mistress

This one had all kinds of things going on
He clearly had something for this woman
Great rainbow and rain energy

If you are into naval history at all, it is interesting to see the detail of the ships
I don't have any story for this one
Then it was on to the Crypt
This was only discovered in 1999 as they were doing some construction. Although dating from the 13th century they have lots of emotion. Also they are not restored so it gives you a better idea of the state after all these years.

And we'll finish up with the Baptistry


Agent W and the Derf said...

Gorgeous photos!

Agent W said...

Amazing beauty! Love you photos & comments! :)

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I feel like I was there with you.