Friday, October 20, 2017

Italia 2017 - Firenze Photo Workshop

Wife is of the belief that we should do our photo workshops early on in our travels. That way we can use what we've learned throughout the rest of the trip. We did our second workshop the day we arrived in Firenze. Airbnb has started to provide tours and experiences in addition to lodging. This was the first one we tried and we liked it a lot. Francesco, our leader, teaches and his abilities as a teacher I think made for a really good experience. Also, sometimes it takes a while before things click. On my part, there were things I know have been covered in past workshops but which finally seemed to fall into place as well as a certain level of comfort and familiarity with various aspects of the camera Wife let's me use.

Lesson One - Street Photography
Objective - Capture combinations of looks, colors and expressions that are contrasting

Lesson Two
Learn how to use the 'white balance' feature of the camera
Before white balance

After white balance

White balance allows the shooting of stained glass windows
These were not touched up at all

Lesson Three
Understanding the sculpture's perspective
Our teacher showed us that a sculpture often is designing their work with the idea of it being seen at a perspective other than straight on. He also encouraged us to go tight on the images for the emotional impact
Statue straight on
From angles

Straight on
From angles

Straight on
From angles

Straight on
From angles

Just from angles

Lesson Four
Using back lighting to create a glow
Best subject I can think of for glowing

Lessons Five and Six - repeats from past workshops
Reflections and capturing action/energy


alexis said...

those photos are stunning!

Tom P said...

Great photos... love the last 4.