Monday, October 16, 2017

Italia 2017 - Trial By Photographer

Ha, Ha...that is in YOU are going to be the one going through the trial. For indeed it was another photo workshop day. Which means a ton of amateur attempts and quality photography (as opposed to my usual 'postcard' shots)

Actually after our long day in Parma, we were totally ready to just chill most of this our fourth day of the trip. That was good because we were very body sore. As the workshop was not until 3:30 PM, we had plenty of time to rest.

We look forward to each of these photo workshops because they tend to be very challenging and they also remind you of things that you've learned before and take you to parts of a city that you might not think about going to for photography.

Our photographer today was Massimiliano Donati ( He is a free lance photographer and does work for a number of newspapers in Europe. We were working again on composition, particularly paying attention to lines, understanding the strengths and limitations of our lens, trying to capture energy/movement in our pictures and using various filters to deal with bright/dark contrast. We spent a lot of time working on capturing people in candid situations against an predetermined interesting background. So without further comment, today's lesson results

And so the photos...

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alexis said...

photos of photographers - very meta