Friday, October 27, 2017

Italia 2017 - Citta di Castello - Family in Medieval Times

There is great pressure to get the pictures from this last week up. We are going to be off again on Sunday for a whole new locale and this is just Monday's pictures!

As is so often the case when traveling in Europe, it doesn't take a whole lot of effort to find places that are interesting even if they are not on the tourist A List. There are so many towns that have roots going back centuries, even millennia, that even if you just go to the old center of whatever town you are staying near you will find interesting things. That was certainly true of the town near where our rental villa was located, Citta di Castello. Like the major, well known towns, it had roots back to Etruscan and Roman times and was built up again during the Middle Ages. Since granddaughter 3.1 was still not quite recovered from her being ill, it was nice to just go local and spend time here.

A White Truffle Festival schedule to start the Saturday before we leave!
Ye Olde Medieval looking streets and buildings

And yes there was a church with art work in it, thank you for asking

Speaking of art, I want to spend a bit of time on one piece of sculpture that I found.
With my new found eye for detail, this one really struck me. Looking at it and studying the images I took, I have kept saying, "what was this artist trying to say, especially given the need to put it into the context of the Medieval religious art of the time.
Look at this woman's face.
Boredom? Frustration? Unhappiness? Ennui?
Certainly not a joyous expression.
Let's look at in the context of the whole sculpture.
Is this not the classic harried mother if ever there was even if this was done 800 years ago? 
And look at the other woman. 
Isn't the snake the symbol of temptation? Right Adam and Eve and the serpent? 
And look at the expression the artist gave to the serpent. That serpent face could be found on guys in any bar in the civilized world today
I'm just saying.
Is it an allegory for if you give into temptation, you will spend your life as the harried mother? I don't know.

And you can never tell what you will find in an old out-of-the-way Medieval town.
Mysterious men wandering around

Oops just son-in-law 3A
Oy Vey and the paparazzi! There is no end to them
Things are not always what they seem in these old towns
Just a nice looking Mother giving quality time to her child right?
That's just a disguise for Ruthless Corporate Saleswoman 

"Think I'm soft because of the plush toy? I will eat your heart if it will get me the sale!"
("And Fyi, I prefer your heart grilled, sliced thin on a nice bowl of pasta with a good Barolo!") 
Mystery and more mystery
No Princess Unicorn, come with me to the dark side...
...And we will get some gelato

Fall colors are abounding

Loved this sign at the little place we found open for lunch because nobody spoke a word of English in it.
And of course I continue to be addicted to reflection shots

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