Wednesday, March 23, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Trip – On To Shanghai

The depredations of the Magical Dragon Gecko God of Gastrointestinal Disease had caused us to delay our departure to Shanghai by a day. Let me introduce you to our latest version of the Asian discount airline, Juneayo. This airline specializes in minimalist communication. We left early for the airport in Hong Kong which of course ensures there will be no delays checking in and then had a 4-5 hour air traffic control (yes the Magical Unicorn Pony God of Travel is affecting us too) so effectively we spent the entire day at the airport and didn’t get into our hotel in Shanghai until 9:30 PM.

The hotel is on a major commercial road with high-rise offices that one would recognize from any major metropolitan city in the world. As it was 10 PM everything on the street eating wise was closed up. But just one block in back of the hotel, the real Asia returned with life in progress and all kinds of eateries open. We chose one just because we were tired. We’re not sure of what the concept was – something like food cooked on a stick and served with the stick protruding from a bowl of broth but it was good and satisfying.

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