Friday, March 18, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - Moving Beyond MDGGGD

Who knew?

Who knew that the Magical Unicorn God of Travel has an entire pantheon of cohorts to assault the wary traveler.

We were introduced to the Supernatural Dragon Lord of Frequent Flyer Miles trying to get to Asia. Now we have met the Magical Dragon Gecko God of Gastrointestinal Disease. I mentioned that Wife and I came down with what we assumed was food poisoning our last day in Hanoi. However on getting back to Hong Kong, we found out that daughter #2 and grandson 2.2 both got a similar illness almost a thousand miles away!

As #2 was to link up with us in Shanghai coming from Xian this caused us to have to rebook all our plans. This in turn led us to the wonderful world of Asian Discount Airlines where
  1. Websites for changing bookings work according to some strange Taoist formula that has nothing to do with 24/7
  2. Where rebooking is an alien concept
  3. Where phone service consists of on hold times that make US IT support look fast
But all was finally settled and we are scheduled to be off again tomorrow.  I'm not sure what the Internet is going to be like. There is the Great Firewall so uploading pictures might be an issue.

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alexis said...

I am looking forward to a pantheon to rival Hinduism of different deities to support the Magical Unicorn God of Travel