Thursday, March 3, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - 24 Hours Of Food - A Hong Kong Culinary Post

This is my first post (though certainly not the last that will focus on food only. Son-in-law 2B was anxious for us to try this place that specializes in dry hot pot. Hot pot is very common in Hong Kong. It is a dish where you cook raw food in a broth in the middle of the table and then drink the broth at the end. The dry hot pot according to the restaurant web site, gets rid of the muddle that comes with too much going in the broth. I don't know but our meal was fabulous.

Our restaurant in the Wan Chai district
Our dry hot pot with fresh prawns, scallops, smoked duck breast, mushrooms and brocolli.
The S-i-L when they offered mild, medium and hot said...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GO MILD!
He was right
This is the the amount of hot chiles in this after we at all the food.
Of course the excitement of this restaurant is not limited to the dry hot pot. I can see coming here for weeks to try all the specialties. Let's look at some of the offerings.

I mean:
  • Poached frog in chile oil
  • Poached blood curd with other stuff in chile oil
  • Try it and tell me the translation
  • Exploding Kidney!!! (Who could resist this)
  • Sauteed pigs intestine
  • Fried shredded lettuce
I may have to just put a bed in the place and stay here for a week.
Next day for lunch we went across the street from the Pooh Lee Shah Suites as we were doing some baby sitting for our tour guide.
The spring rolls were with shrimp...just shrimp which never happens in the US.
The dish below is a fried noodle dish that to our surprise came out as a crispy pancake.

 We had a rice wrapper steamed with beef
 And a chicken dumpling in soup
However the main event was a cooking class that was in the North Pointe neighborhood.
Easy Peasy getting there...except for my misjudging the time it took on the bus and then not once BUT TWICE taking the wrong train and getting there 30 minutes late.
 There I ran into our instructor the drill sergeant.
Kind of looks like a Transformer doesn't she. But she knew her stuff.
 This gal who runs the school was actually a former restaurant professional. So her class was all about incredible precision of how to cut, food safety, technique at the wok, etc. And trust me she was not the warm and fuzzy type. 
Here is a picture of one of my two class mates doing some deep frying.
This picture does not show the sheer terror and sweat pouring off the poor lady as the drill sergeant is berating her for her poor technique deep frying.
 While I am making fun of this situation, the reality was even though we only cooked two dishes, I learned a lot of valuable technique related to cooking Chinese style.


alexis said...

will you remember it after all the other cooking classes you'll have taken?? :)

de-I said...

I think so because it was mostly technique oriented and I did get printed out recipes.