Sunday, March 13, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - Free And Easy Day In Can Tho

That's what Mr. A had on our schedule...after an early morning trip the floating wholesale produce market we would have the rest of the day to ourselves. To be honest it was welcome. We've been in Vietnam for a week and we've been hitting it pretty hard. So a day of just hanging around sounded good.

Mr. A put us up in a very nice resort hotel in Can Tho. I'm not necessarily a lover of resort hotels but for this type of thing it suits the bill.

The Hotel Victoria Resort and Spa in Can Tho

Um yes...that is a picture of a water buffalo butt in the foreground. Didn't quite catch it when I took the picture.
From the water front at night

Decorative flowers outside the Spa area where we went for a massage.
The 'Thai' massage was like being worked on in a professional wrestling match!

Sadness - This is a local temple BUT four years ago when two of my daughters were here the temple had not been built and there were all kinds of food vendors and places where you could chose a fresh fish to be grilled.

Our one activity - another boat cruise to the Floating Wholesale Produce Market. There are many of these markets along the river. If business isn't good at one then the vendors go to another.

It is early in the morning

One of the wonders of the Mekong River environment
The daily migration of the tourists
Each day before sun up they had to the market only to return to their natural habitat among the hotels and resorts by mid-morning

At the market each vendor presents what they have by putting one on a pole. This one is selling squash.

More scenes from the market

Action videos from the market

After the market I went into town with Mr. A for a bowl of street food noodle soup for breakfast


Rob said...

I never had any pictures of the floating market because I took my camera straight out of our airconditioned room to the boat, and the lens immediately fogged up for the next hour or so! I imagine Gloria was probably a bit smarter than me and didn't have those issues :)

de-I said...

Rob - It was much cooler and less humid at this time of year so the problem never occurred.

alexis said...

this is all bringing back memories.