Saturday, March 12, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - Rolling On The River...The Mekong River

If a picture is worth a thousand words be prepared for the de-I blog version of War and Peace.  Today we left Saigon and headed down to the Mekong River delta and the city of Can Tho (pronounced 'thuh').  The whole trek consisted of a long car drive, a transfer to a boat ride down the river, another transfer to a row boat, a stop at a tourist village for demonstrations and lunch, and another car ride to our destination.

Leaving Saigon and the Bahn Mi-a-thon

We leave our hotel with our driver Mr. Wang. We stop along the way where we meet Mr. A who has picked up his favorite Ban Mi, one made with a fried fish patty. I called it the McFish of Ban Mi
We continued out of town

And came to an assuming place by the side of the highway

That sells Roast Suckling Pork Bahn Mi

That red thing on the left of the sandwich by the way is pure incendiary chile!

There was yet a third iteration that took place when we got to Can Tho, a homemade pate version but no pictures of that.

The Long Drive to the River

We finally reach the river

On the River
We get onto our boat and start 

Being a travel blogger is incredibly hard work that demands dedication

 Going deeper in the back streams on row boat

At the tourist village
Making Rice Paper

We watched the process for making rice whiskey (Vietnamese White Lightning)
Snake wine version anyone?

Yup Wife and I are game

Making coconut candy
Making popped rice for candy
Jackfruit and banana flowers on the way to the restaurant

Making Elephant Ear Fish spring rolls

After lunch a performance...the Mekong River Blues

Then back on the river, driving more over the Can Tho Bridge to the City itself

We walked from our hotel with Mr. A into town. There is a very cool long walk way with pedestrian bridge all lighted up but my phone camera's pictures were all distorted.

Dinner was a local place with the rice paper we saw made earlier with various meat products and flavorings.


Tom P said...

Holy Smokes!!! Best Blog Post Ever! It looks Wild!

alexis said...

I recognize that fried fish! Glad you enjoyed it.