Friday, March 4, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Trip - Cheung Cha

After all the stress of cooking basic training and rapid transit ground hog day, a nice trip back to the outer islands was called for. Today our island of choice was Cheung Cha.

When we left Hong Kong Central Piers it was very hazy and polluted

 After a smooth ride on the ferry, we arrived.
 We spent five hours on the island. Five hours is the magic number of run around going up and down hill for we over the over 65 set.

There was lots going on in the harbor with vistas, colorful boats, and lots of active fishers.

We climbed a hill to a lookout point where we had all kinds of great views of the island and the surrounding areas (in spite of the haze.

On our way up and down from the vista we saw these

I was pretty sure they were for beating recalcitrant spouses but on closer look at the signage they are for beating out fires.

There is a big push on to encourage the eating of fruit

I'm pretty sure that this sign show what happens to the kids that do not eat their fruit.

There were various temples

And street scenes

Neolithic stone carving

And of course...a great lunch

Singapore Rice Noodles

Hainanese Steamed Chicken
Stir fried Chinese broccoli
And a very weird but good Grouper with cheese and butter????
In the evening we were on grandparent duty and took granddaughter 2.2 to her elementary school talent show. I videoed the granddaughter's performances and because I love all of you will not be putting them up on the blog.
Stay Tuned for all the Adventure!


JRR said...

I am really loving this travelog trip!!

Tom P said...

Terrific Post!