Tuesday, March 29, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - Back From Behind The Great Firewall! Prepare For Picture Avalanche

Our flight on DragonAir from Beijing was only delayed an hour sitting on the tarmac coming back to Hong Kong but in a miracle of travel, there were NO PEOPLE IN THE IMMIGRATION LINE! Hah take that Magical Unicorn Pony God of Travel. AND our bags came off the plane RIGHT AWAY! Hah, what do you think about them apples supernatural equine travel disrupting force? AND the was virtually no wait for a taxi back the fabulous Pooh Lee Shah Imperial Suites in Hong Kong. So what do you say to your fellow demi-gods about that? And during the whole time in China didn't puke or get food poisoning once! So how you feeling about your self-worth now Magical Dragon Gecko God of Gastrointestinal Disease? (Actually I now call our eating in Asia Gastrointestinal Roulette. It really makes you feel 'alive'. You go to bed each night and if you wake up in the morning, feeling fine, with everything in the right place along the gastrointestinal track, you feel like a winner!)

AND I HAVE FULL INTERNET. Bye, Bye Great Firewall of China. Hello New York Times, Google, Blogger, Maps, Facebook. Who would have known that I'm a complete internet drug addict?

BE PREPARED...Avalanche of Photos is on its way.  I will spread them out over a few days as we are in Hong Kong for a week before we're off for the next adventure.

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alexis said...

I'm glad you guys have perspective on the travel as a whole. 1 hr on tarmac for breezing through the rest seems like acceptable compensation.