Thursday, March 31, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - The China Video Spectacular

One of THE impressions we had in China is just sheer magnitude of things. I found that still pictures really didn't capture either the physical size of things or the mass of humanity. So here is a week and a half of our China trip in video.
At the Shanghai Railroad Station

At the park in Suzhou

I apologize that I held my phone wrong for this so you will have to look at it sideways but this is one of the coolest things we saw. The Chinese love food on a stick. This is actually a chain (we saw them in Shanghai too) that does the cooking to pop music. This would so work in the US!

Happily enjoying the 'off season' at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial in Nanjing

One lasting impression was the enjoyment of music and dancing in public parks through out the cities we visited

Panoramas of part of the Forbidden City in Beijing

Doing the Summer Palace in Beijing on a tranquil Sunday with a few fellow visitors

Great Wall of China Panorama


Tom P said...

Love it! Fun videos. Take me right back there!

alexis said...

I love the dancing! I wish I had seen more of that! And more of it here.