Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - Public Transportation Day

Today was our day to take command of the Hong Kong public transportation system. On the agenda were Bus, Train, and Tram.

As in most major metropolitan areas today, there is a single card system that can be used to access all of the public transportation options. In Hong Kong it is called the Octopus Card and can be used not only for public transportation but for all kinds of retail transactions as well.

We started our adventure by grabbing a bus which is conveniently located immediately across from the entrance to the palatial Pooh Lee Shah Imperial Suites. This bus conveniently goes to one of the major subway/metro stations (which are called the MTR in Hong Kong).  Metro stations in every country we've ever been in always require a degree of learning curve to figure where the trains are, what direction is going where, how to pay, how to get in and out of them. While we were looking at some of the signage we realized that there was a special decrepit falling about people's card...I mean Senior's card. Let me tell you the Chinese appreciate and give a much better deal to there Seniors than in the US. The fees can be 50% or more less! So we cashed in the regular Octopus cards we had gotten and got the new Senior ones.

Our major activity for the day was to take the entire tram line. The tram is the oldest part of the public transportation system and essentially goes across the main part of Hong Kong island from east to west. They are double decked and when you sit on top you get to see in a gradual way the entire breath of the city.
We start with a typical MTR Station
The symbol in red and white on the left is the symbol for the MTR
As always I am keeping a keen out for signs.
This was in the MTR train above seats that had priority.
If I understand the Chinese symbols the priorities are respectively:
Old folks with bad posture
People playing with children in their laps while doing some kind of reverse plank
Those carrying backpacks on their front and doing some kind of reverse plank
And anyone with a crutch
Once out of the MTR we were in a neighborhood that was definitely 'less' international than the center city where we are staying.
Waking to from the station to the tram

Then it was on the tram

I had noted yesterday about the use of bamboo for significant construction scaffolding. 
We saw more of that on the tram.

There was an interesting set of stairs.
There are stairs going up all over this city due to the hills

Signs set conveniently for the upper deck passengers

A sample of travel on the tram

At the far end of our journey we met our son-in-law near where he works.
He took us to his favorite hole-in-a-wall Szechuan noodle restaurant

After lunch we walked to the waterfront

Where I watched my favorite photographer in action

And we ended up stopping at our favorite rodent and root store


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Mmmm I only wish that I had more favorite, hole-in-the-wall noodle shops on my life.

Tom P said...

Looks great so far! Keep them posts coming!

alexis said...

do you think the rabbit also visited the hole-in-the-wall noodles shop? MAinly for the hole aspect of it?

Bernice said...

You two do pack a lot in a day. The pictures give a great overview.