Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - Nanjing Photos

On our second day based in Shanghai we went to the Nanjing, the historic southern capital and capital of many of the historic Chinese dynasties. As has been the case with almost everything we've done on this trip, we only have time to scratch the surface of what there is to be seen everywhere we visit. In this case the slave drivers...I MEAN THE WONDERFUL TOUR GUIDES...of Pooh Lee Shah Travel focused on Sun Yat Sen Park, it's Ming Tombs and the Sun Yat Sen Memorial.

At Pooh Lee Shah Travel a Full Breakfast is offered with each Rail Trip
Ah, the Metro Map of Nanjing. We will use Metro to get to Sun Yat Sen Park
Our first part of the park was blissfully absent of people and glorious with early spring colors.

Oh silly long nosed tourist, you think that this is the 'real' experience of China?

Again the English doesn't accurately represent the real Chinese which says 'A million freakin miles and steps to get where you want to go!"

Everything you wanted to know about the Ming Tombs

On to the tombs themselves

Haven't done enough walking and climbing?
Then on to the Sun Yat Sen Memorial


alexis said...

did you have to pay extra to upgrade your breakfast to include that banana?

de-I said...

Well if you call whining and begging extra payment then I'd have to say yes Alexis