Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - Waterborne

After a day of being on the peak looking for views and photo-ops, we decided to do the same on the water via the extensive ferry system. Unfortunately the haze was horrible so the quality of the pictures was pretty questionable.  Doing the ferry trips also provided some much needed rest after having hit the city walking pretty hard since we arrived.

Wife was insistent that we take a cab from the Pooh Lee Shah Suites which turned out to be a very good idea as the 'not too far route' I had scoped out was actually 'pretty darn far'.

First we took the cross harbor ferry known as the Star Ferry to Kwoloon on the mainland side of Hong Kong.

Over on the Kwoloon side a historic clock tower

Some remnants from Chinese New Year

The latest exhibits at the Science Museum
In need of a career change?

I found it interesting that they were putting up a scaffolding using a very old traditional method using bamboo - this at the very plush Peninsula Hotel.
This building dates to 1881 but has been converted to a chi-chi mall

Then it was back to the Hong Kong side where we grabbed another ferry to the island of Lamma and the town of So Ku Wan
 Quick the ferry's here! Get on the ferry!

We were hungry and there were a whole line of seafood restaurant. Many were closed as this is not the season. We went to one not expecting much as it was a tourist area but had a pretty damn good meal.

This was called Sweet and Sour Groupa (Chinglish for Grouper)
Only the dipping sauce was sweet and sour and the frying of the fish was good quality with good fresh fish flavor

We had two shrimp dishes - prawns and mantis shrimp made the same way.
I've had mantis shrimp twice now and am not a fan of them. Very hard to eat - the meat sticks to the shell - and not that tasty. The prawns were great
Then there were greens and fried rice

Then we wandered around the town



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