Monday, April 13, 2015

We Interuprt Our Regularly Scheduled Programing For A STORY Update

One of my goals for semi-retirement/transition and for doing during traveling is working on the re-write of my book.  This has been a complete success.  I've been having great fun with it.  I've resolved all kinds of character and world issues (logical consistency of fantasy world that is).  I've been doing a lot of reading of stuff written by women so I've been able to start dealing with the overly testosteronic aspects of the book.  I'm building more depth and complexity to numerous characters and I've started building out numerous back stories to give the context more depth.  That in turn has given me the outlines for two more books - a sequel and prequel which is great since the purpose of all this is the joy of creating.

I'm almost three fourths of the way through the book noting all the things that will need to be worked on.  I will then tabulate all those things into a list and start the re-write in earnest.


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

I think it's just great that you've picked up this interest again after setting it aside for so many years.

alexis said...


terri said...

Very cool! I'm impressed with the fact that you're researching writing by women in order to balance out the appeal of your writing style.