Monday, April 20, 2015

Euro Spring 2015 - Part 26 - Kids Day

Where Our Heroes
  • Start with the best of intentions
  • Only to be thwarted by the tourist machine
  • Even to the extent of gastronomy
  • And 'punt' to the comforts of the rental home
  • But are pulled up gastronomically by the #3

After making the two little ones endure the adult day of Bouillon, we had every intention of making today very kid oriented.  3A had researched a near by animal park and #3 had heard from a co-worker that it was a lot of fun.  It was only about a half hour away from us.

However, upon getting there we found that there were only two options for getting around the park.  You could either take this bus/train contraption that reminded us of the buses on Malta and that looked very restricting for a 3 and half year old or we could go on a 5 kilometer walk.  There were no walks that were shorter.  No loops.  Just the one path.  And they wanted a lot of money for these.  We thought about our little ones and decided that we would be spending a lot of money for something they would probably not like.  Fortunately there was a big, big playground nearby and we went there where 3.1 was very happy. 

This being a big time family tourist area, the eating options were quite limited.  We chose one at random and it was pretty blah (to put it kindly).  We drove to another town not far off in hope of finding something more picturesque but were disappointed there.  Instead we came back to our rental.  It has a lovely, large back yard with swings and lots of areas to run around and play.  Plus which there are all kinds of electric toys for the under 5 set and puzzles and other things for very young ones to play with.  We spent the whole afternoon with various adults playing with various children and they actually seemed to have a nice time and got quite tired out.

#3 cooked dinner tonight making a classic sausage and cabbage dish which we served with a nice Alsacian white wine that was way better than our lunches.

Tomorrow we have another 'adult' day planned

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