Saturday, April 4, 2015

Euro Spring 2015 Pictures - Part Four - Travels With The Photo Yoda

This set of photos covers the the two days of journeys with Wife and the National Geographic photographer, Kemal. 

We started off on the first day by mounting the old city walls.  Dating back to the 4th century, they are massive.  Also the steps we took to the top given there lack of handrails was scary to say the least.

View from the walls

 Yoda took wife all through various parts of town that were decidedly 'not touristy' meeting with real people and showing here how to grab photographic moments.  

This included extensive time with a bird market (pigeon collecting being a big deal among working class Turkish men)

Note how the Yoda and Wife are pretty oblivious to the traffic in these scenes.

The next day we drove to some fishing villages that were on the Black Sea

The Bosporus-Sea of Marmara- Dardanelles connection between Black Sea and Mediterranean is a major bird migration pathway.  Kemal was saying high to a bird migration specialist below.

A major new bridge is being built between Europe and Asia.
There's a lot of controversy surrounding it.

In village phototaking

How the bridge is affecting the area

More scenes from the shoot

I found it interesting that all these ships were just waiting their turn to get into the Bosporus.

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alexis said...

when we were staying in Durban, SA we loved using this site to figure out where all those big ships had come from. It's quite normal for them to sit around for days apparently awaiting paperwork to enter a busy port!